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    IC Sales in a normal December dive

    Semiconductor Analytics: December 16, 2020

    G Dan Hutcheson G. Dan Hutcheson
    VLS's Semiconductor Analytics report
    Semiconductor sales went into their normal December dive, dropping more than 20% w/w. Yet sales were still above Sept's peak. The IC weather cooled 6°, as the holiday chill set in. The 4Q20 Semiconductor Sales Nowcast slid to +11%. IC Highlights: Focusing on the overall IC picture this week, 13-week MAs show a classic run to the holidays, with virtually no discernable impact from COVID other than the flat summer. NAND is closing out the year as the highest growth segment. Analog & Power displaced DRAM last week, with Auto and Logic following.

    Semiconductor Supply & Demand: The week's status tightened, as the 4Q Nowcast for DRAM jumped to Shortage. NAND moved to tight for the week, while Foundry and OSAT stepped down a class. IDM and Analog & Power were down slightly. The 4Q20 Nowcast held at Tight.

    Out-of-Sample Disruptors: Inflation >4% and a rise in Interest Rates was added with a target horizon of 2022. Electronics' Prices are slipping as holiday sales and a slowing economy kick in.

    IC Sales in a normal December dive
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