Electronics Pricing providing a solid foundation for IC growth

    Semiconductor Analytics: May 13, 2020
    G. Dan Hutcheson
    VLSI's Semiconductor Analytics report
    Semiconductor sales recovered for the fifth week in a row, hugging 2018 levels. Electronics Pricing is soaring as the WAHE (Work-at-Home Economy) has driven demand for Notebooks, Tablets, and Smartphones into a seasonal inversion. This is providing a solid foundation for growth in the semiconductor market. So far, the 2nd half production ramp looks normal. The Semiconductor Supply-Demand 2Q20 Nowcast rose to Tight for OSATs and dropped to Glut for DRAM. There was no change on a week-over-week basis and it remained a tale of two markets with Memory suffering while non-memory stayed in Tight to Shortage conditions. The 2Q20 Nowcast continued to improve. NAND, Logic, and DRAM are being heavily driven by WAHE investments in Data Center, Cloud, and 5G Infrastructure. Auto and a slowing Consumer sector are dragging down A&P.

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