WAHE Driven Recovery Underway

    Semiconductor Analytics: May 20, 2020
    G. Dan Hutcheson
    VLSI's Semiconductor Analytics report
    The Coronavirus drove the Semiconductor Industry towards recession and now the WAHE is pulling it out. Semiconductor sales continued to run well above 2019 levels last week, with a 2nd half revenue ramp similar to 2018. The 2Q18 Nowcast is at 17%, while the Semiconductor Supply-Demand 2Q20 Nowcast rose to Tight, with Foundry and OSATs moving to shortage conditions. It's still a tale of 2 markets: Non-memory and memory. Shrinks and vertical scaling continues to add excess capacity, while not needing more wafer starts. The IC segment 2Q20 Nowcast continued to improve. With the exception of Auto, all segments are positive. NAND, Logic, and DRAM are being heavily driven by WAHE investments in Data Centers, Cloud, and 5G Infrastructure.

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