Restrictions on Smic Raise Uncertainty

    Semiconductor Analytics: September 30, 2020
    G. Dan Hutcheson G. Dan Hutcheson
    VLSI's Semiconductor Analytics report
    Semiconductor sales were up significantly last week, as they followed 2019 levels. IC prices are well above last year and have only been down 4 weeks this year. Trump Administration's new export restrictions on semiconductor equipment raise the probability of an Out-of-Sample Disruptor.

    Focusing on the Analog & Power picture this week: the 13Wk MA shows it to be on a solid recovery path, with last week's strong growth. DRAM and NAND will close 3Q20 with double-digit y/y growth. Logic is close to a double-digit gain.

    Semiconductor Supply & Demand held onto its tight status last week, as conditions in DRAM rolled over to follow its weather. The drop at OSATs has hit bottom for now, while Foundry and Analog & Power tightened. Both NAND and IDM were slightly weaker.

    Electronics Prices moved back up last week with a bump in Notebooks and Mobile.

    Restrictions on SMIC raise uncertainty
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