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    Sales Explode Out of the Christmas Roll-Over

    Semiconductor Analytics: January 12, 2022

    G. Dan Hutcheson

    VLSI's Semiconductor Analytics report

    2021 was a hot year for semiconductor sales, which have been up and to the right since March of 2021, reaching $0.6T and on track at a 6% CAGR to hit $1T by 2030. Sales exploded out of the normal Christmas roll-over, with double-digit W/W and Y/Y growth. Still, the IC weather cooled 1°F last week and sales growth continued to head down to historic trend rates.

    Zooming in on DRAMs this week, the 13-wk MA growth dipped below 40% for the first time since May, as the segment continued to cool. The 2022 DRAM forecast is for sales to pass $100B and grow at 15%. Auto ICs are the only sector expected to have the oomph to beat it. Sales are being driven by heavy demand from AI and Crypto-Currency mining growth. Last week, Logic had the fastest W/W growth with Analog & Power a close second. Then it was DRAM, NAND, and Auto ICs.

    VLSI's IC Supply/Demand indices loosened last week. DRAM and Auto remained in Shortage conditions. OSATs dipped to Tight, while both More Moore and More than Moore Foundry classes dipped to Saturated. NAND, IDM, and Analog & Power held at Tight levels.

    Electronics' Retail Prices leveled out.

    Sales explode out of the Christmas roll-over
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