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    Semiconductor Sales Started Their Normal Christmas W/W Roll-Over

    Semiconductor Analytics: December 15, 2021

    G. Dan Hutcheson

    VLSI's Semiconductor Analytics report

    Semiconductor sales started their normal Christmas W/W roll-over, while Y/Y growth soared to 38%. The IC weather change was +1°F last week to Hot. It's been a hot year for sales, which have been up and to the right since March of 2021 and will pass $0.5T this year All segments continue to grow into the year's close, with historically high Y/Y growth rates. Last week's 13-wk MA growth ranged between ~20% and ~40%, with DRAM fastest and Logic slowest. VLSI expects this to continue into 2022, with semiconductors passing $0.6T for the first time in history. DRAM will grow fastest to hit $0.1T, with Analog & Power matching its size. Logic will close in on a $0.3T.

    VLSI's IC Supply/Demand indices continued to favor DRAM. Its 4Q21 NowCast moved up a notch. DRAM's weekly S/D metric rose from Tight to Shortage, the 3rd move in as many weeks. Meanwhile, More-than-Moore Foundry mirrored this dropping to Loose, driven by EoY demand falloff and 2021 capacity expansion. Electronics' Retail Prices are rising sharply into the holidays.

    We want to wish you a Happy Holiday. As usual, this is the last issue of the year. Over the next 2 weeks, we'll be doing annual maintenance of SA's data and graphics engines.

    Semiconductor sales started their normal Christmas W/W roll-over
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