DRAM's good, but not great

    Semiconductor Analytics: August 26, 2020
    G Dan Hutcheson G. Dan Hutcheson
    VLSI's Semiconductor Analytics report
    Semiconductor sales slid last week, but the 3Q20 Nowcast held at +20%. The weather cooled as chip makers became notably more nervous about the rest of the year. Focusing on the DRAM picture this week: With its 32% 3Q20 growth Nowcast, this segment is one of the strongest in the semiconductor market this year. However, it is more because 2019 was such a rough year. DRAM's are still well below their glory year of 2018, when high prices ballooned the size of this market. With most of the hot air gone, they are struggling to reach those heights.

    Semiconductor Supply & Demand cooled to Balanced last week, as shortages at Foundries and OSATs loosened up. OSATs are a tale of two directions, with advanced packaging and 5G test hot while everything else is not.

    The steep 5 week decline in electronics prices appears to be bottoming, with Back-to-School strength in laptops. There's also strength in TVs, Appliances, and Digital Cameras due to COVID related component shortages.

    DRAM's good, but not great
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