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    Semiconductor Components Instruments And Subsystems - SCIS - Traceable Verification

      Lance Dyrdahl
     Nov 11, 2015

    Traceable Verification Sub-Committee: Problem Statement-End-user access to information slow, Information not aligned with end user, Information published on paper; Additional Challenges: High overhead-CoC requests, SPC requests; Inconsistent IP protection forwarding original CoC, Traceability infrastructure inadequate. Electronic communication capability lags industry needs. Traceable Verification Sub-Committee: Solution-Aligned key characteristic supplier <-> end user: SCIS Sub-Committee Commodity teams, Enable defect reduction with high-speed information exchange: Publish information exchange model, Extend eCoC model providing end user direct eCoC access; Automated system allows end user: Access CoC, SPC as needed; Proprietary information: Deliberate creation of external view, End user individual NDA accountability; Traceability supported on a consistent basis, Transparency establishes accountability across the supply chain. Traceable Verification: Summary: SEMI SCIS Commodity subcommittee: Standardization of key characteristics, characterization, test methodology, Multiple commodity teams; SEMI SCIS Traceable Verification subcommittee: Develop open standard information exchange model; Normalized part information + information exchange model + application: Provide vital information to all users, Increase accountability and transparency, Improve part quality, Establish traceability, Increase optimization capability, Higher product quality.

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