Semiconductor Equipment Industry News Releases

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Chipmaking Huang's, Moore's, and Koomey's Law 25-Sep-2020
Chipmaking Advanced Packaging Equipment sales to jump double-digits in 2020 24-Sep-2020
Subsystems Critical subsystems demand still on track to grow 11.1% in 2020. 24-Sep-2020
Chipmaking Fresh signs point sideways 23-Sep-2020
Chipmaking Logic IC sales rising steadily 23-Sep-2020
Chipmaking The Transistor-Diamond Paradox. U.S.-China Feud vs. Semiconductor Stocks 18-Sep-2020
Chipmaking Assembly Equipment Outlook 3Q20 16-Sep-2020
Chipmaking COVID W turning into a right-shift 16-Sep-2020
Chipmaking Cautiously moving forward 15-Sep-2020
Chipmaking Worldwide silicon demand on track to increase 2% 2020, an improvement from the previous forecast of flat growth. 14-Sep-2020
Chipmaking OSAT: Why Advanced Packaging is flipping the Off in OSAT to On-Shore Assembly & Test. 11-Sep-2020
Chipmaking Semiconductor Equipment sales on track to increase double digits in 2020 10-Sep-2020
Chipmaking Temperatures are leveling off at warm levels, but customers remain wary 09-Sep-2020
Chipmaking Auto IC Sales form a Super-V 09-Sep-2020
Chipmaking WFE Outlook 3Q2020 08-Sep-2020
Chipmaking Equipment Expenditure Shifts, Unknown Unknowns, Intel's Logo 04-Sep-2020
Chipmaking COVID-19 is having an adverse impact on the electronic supply chain 04-Sep-2020
Chipmaking Foundry & IDM Capital Expenditures 3Q2020 03-Sep-2020
Chipmaking PC prices supporting IC market 02-Sep-2020
Chipmaking Moving ahead with caution 31-Aug-2020
Chipmaking Semiconductor Capital Spending is on track to increase 4% this year. 2021 is expected to be another solid year driven by a recovery in Memory spending. 31-Aug-2020
Chipmaking TSMC's Technology Symposium. 28-Aug-2020
Chipmaking DRAM's good, but not great 26-Aug-2020
Chipmaking Visibility remains limited as clouds hang in the horizon 24-Aug-2020
Chipmaking Tariffs and the COVID Boom 21-Aug-2020
Subsystems Critical subsystems demand for 2020 expected to grow 11.1% in 2020. 20-Aug-2020
Chipmaking All eyes are focused on 2021 19-Aug-2020
Chipmaking 6-Weeks of Double-Digit Growth 19-Aug-2020
Chipmaking Artificial Intelligence in Semiconductor Equipment 14-Aug-2020
Chipmaking Analog turning up 12-Aug-2020
Chipmaking Still green, but clouds abound 10-Aug-2020
Chipmaking Intel's Strategic Shift, Etch, and the Value of Lithography 07-Aug-2020
Chipmaking Semiconductor equipment consumption fell 10% in 2019 as the Memory decline offset robust spending in Foundry and Advanced Logic. 06-Aug-2020
Chipmaking WAHE's inversion on the upswing 05-Aug-2020
Chipmaking Moving higher... 04-Aug-2020
Chipmaking The semiconductor market was strong in 1H20. Visibility in 2H20 is improving, but risks remain. IC forecast upgraded to +7%. 04-Aug-2020
Chipmaking SEMICON West and Hyperinflation 31-Jul-2020
Chipmaking 3Q20 Nowcast Surged 29-Jul-2020
Chipmaking Orders are still humming along... 27-Jul-2020
Chipmaking Partnering: The defining factor of competitive advantage in the modern era 24-Jul-2020
Chipmaking Flying high into 2H20 22-Jul-2020
Chipmaking Semiconductor sales up more than 10% 22-Jul-2020
Chipmaking System Level Test - a ATE revolution 17-Jul-2020
Chipmaking Semiconductor Equipment industry had a solid 1Q20 despite the pandemic 16-Jul-2020
Chipmaking NAND and the bump, slump, and bump effect of COVID 15-Jul-2020
Cust Sat ASML leading lithography supplier 14-Jul-2020
Chipmaking Order activity is still climbing 13-Jul-2020
Chipmaking China's WFE needs. Coronavirus and its Silicon Bridge. Internet Access in the Fab. 10-Jul-2020
Cust Sat ASM Pacific Technology wins fourth triple crown 09-Jul-2020
Chipmaking Unprecedented June weakness for IC sales 08-Jul-2020

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Semiconductor Market Driving Forces, Silicon wafer demand trends by size and CD, Designs by CD, Mask and Reticle Shipments, Advanced Packaging, Macroeconomic factors driving the semiconductor industry, The Work At Home Economy (WAHE), Weekly impact assessments of the Coronavirus and other disruptive events, Orders for components and assemblies needed for the assembly of semiconductor production equipment market report.

Sample of VLSI Release, Electronics Outlook Worldwide electronics sales are now expected to fall nearly 5% in 2020, down from our previous forecast of +4%. The downgrade is a result of the COVID-19 pandemic which is having an adverse impact on the electronics supply chain and end-demand. The world GDP (in terms of purchasing power parity) is expected to decelerate to 1% from 5% in 2019. Given the strong correlation between worldwide GDP and electronics, the drop in electronics sales should come as no surprise.

With sales falling more than 8% sequentially in Q1, equipment market is primed for a strong bounce back in Q2. semiconductor equipment industry sales report is expected to increase sequentially by mid-single digits in Q2 as additional revenue is recognized from shipments in Q1 and also from strong demand from China. This is a big sigh of relief for the equipment market in Q2 especially when compared to our negative forecast for Q2.