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Semiconductor Equipment Industry News Releases

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Chipmaking Sustainable Mobility 03-Dec-2021 84
Chipmaking Semiconductor sales rose with no apparent seasonal holiday slowing 01-Dec-2021 203
Chipmaking Getting ready for 2022 30-Nov-2021 204
Chipmaking Electronics prices rise into the holidays 24-Nov-2021 247
Chipmaking Thanksgiving delivers a beautiful closing to 2021 22-Nov-2021 366
Chipmaking The semiconductor market is on track to increase 24% in 2021 22-Nov-2021 500
Chipmaking SEMI ITPC 19-Nov-2021 204
Chipmaking Supply/Demand tightening further 17-Nov-2021 315
Chipmaking The super cycle is still in full swing 16-Nov-2021 228
Chipmaking Copper replacement. IFS. Shortages hold up fab capacity expansion. Semiconductor Inflation. 12-Nov-2021 429
Chipmaking Semiconductor sales jumped higher 10-Nov-2021 371
Chipmaking Visibility is clear well into 2022 09-Nov-2021 340
Chipmaking Semiconductor sales edged higher as IC weather warms 03-Nov-2021 479
Chipmaking The number of design completions is expected to increase over 2% in 2021 02-Nov-2021 405
Chipmaking Savoring the fall rise 01-Nov-2021 431
Chipmaking Intel's Foundry Strategy for Growth & IDM 2.0: What's different? 29-Oct-2021 481
Chipmaking Semiconductor sales to pass Half-a-Trillion 27-Oct-2021 472
Chipmaking Order activity is straight and level 26-Oct-2021 358
Chipmaking Process Control and Optimization 22-Oct-2021 557
Chipmaking Semiconductor sales turned up 20-Oct-2021 381
Chipmaking Calmly building next year's nest 19-Oct-2021 342
Chipmaking Samsung's Strategy Shift and Why we climb exponentials. 15-Oct-2021 487
Chipmaking Semiconductor sales take a deep dive 13-Oct-2021 411
Chipmaking The industry is soaring but carries a tether of caution 11-Oct-2021 380
Chipmaking Semiconductor Sales closing in on a record $600M year 06-Oct-2021 606
Chipmaking Downturn Warning Signs. Excessive CapEx Exuberance. 01-Oct-2021 615
Chipmaking Worldwide reticle sales are expected to surge 15% in 2021 30-Sep-2021 628
Chipmaking Semiconductor sales hit all-time record 29-Sep-2021 647
Chipmaking On the top of the world 28-Sep-2021 595
Chipmaking IBM's Telum processor. Aart deGeus on EDA-AI. 24-Sep-2021 428
Chipmaking Foundry & IDM Capital Expenditures 3Q2021 23-Sep-2021 542
Chipmaking Semiconductor Equipment sales soared to new highs in 2Q21 despite supply chain constraints 23-Sep-2021 563
Chipmaking Semiconductor sales pulled back slightly 22-Sep-2021 557
Chipmaking It's hot and windy 21-Sep-2021 474
Subsystems Semiconductor critical subsystems on track to exceed 32% growth 20-Sep-2021 378
Chipmaking Europe's semiconductor fall: Is it as steep as some say? 17-Sep-2021 669
Chipmaking WFE Outlook 4Q2021 16-Sep-2021 707
Chipmaking Semiconductors set new sales record 15-Sep-2021 762
Chipmaking Still climbing up 13-Sep-2021 487
Chipmaking Worldwide silicon demand is expected to soar 18% in 2021 as chip manufacturers expand capacity to alleviate shortages 13-Sep-2021 579
Chipmaking U.S. Semiconductor Stocks hit by tax plans. DRAM Price canary stops singing 10-Sep-2021 502
Chipmaking Semiconductor sales almost a record 08-Sep-2021 603
Chipmaking Steadily building next year's nest 07-Sep-2021 489
Chipmaking Worldwide OEM electronics sales are expected to soar 16% this year 07-Sep-2021 532
Chipmaking What history tells us about the next slowdown 03-Sep-2021 625
Chipmaking The pandemic fueled hyper-growth in electronics, semiconductors, and semiconductor equipment is driving up the semiconductor equipment forecast 02-Sep-2021 482
Chipmaking Wafer prices surge 01-Sep-2021 620
Chipmaking It's still red hot out there 31-Aug-2021 472
Chipmaking Intel Strategy IDM 2.0 Fake News 27-Aug-2021 721
Chipmaking Semiconductor CapEx is on track to surge 33% this year 26-Aug-2021 838

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VLSI RELEASES is where VLSIresearch's Press Releases and Investor Relations releases can be found. It informs the media, public, and investors about semiconductor manufacturing trends and semiconductor industry outlook in wafer fab equipment, ATE, and assembly tools throughout the week with data and summaries from VLSI's latest reports and data analytic programs. It includes coverage of what's been reported in The Chip Insider™, The TCI Graphics, the Forecast Pro, Customer Satisfaction, Critical Subsystems, and more...

Topics cover a wide range, including: Reports on IC Manufacturing Equipment Market report, sizing, competition, and market shares for-Wafer Fabrication Equipment, Lithography, Deposition and Etch. Automatic Test Equipment, SoC IC Test Equipment, Memory IC Test Equipment, Probe Card market study report analysis, Package Assembly, Dicing saws, Die and Wire Bonders, Molding equipment, Semiconductor Data Analytics with weekly resolution of sales results, Semiconductor CapEx. Key company capital expenditure spending trends, What they are spending and what they are buying. Customer Satisfaction with their supply chain, For companies like KLA, ASML, Advantest, Teradyne, Hitachi-High-Tech, Applied Materials, Tokyo Electron, Lam Research, and more.

Semiconductor Market Driving Forces, Silicon wafer demand trends by size and CD, Designs by CD, Mask and Reticle Shipments, Advanced Packaging, Macroeconomic factors driving the semiconductor industry, The Work At Home Economy (WAHE), Weekly impact assessments of the Coronavirus and other disruptive events, Orders for components and assemblies needed for the assembly of semiconductor production equipment market report.

Sample of VLSI Release, Electronics Outlook Worldwide electronics sales are now expected to fall nearly 5% in 2020, down from our previous forecast of +4%. The downgrade is a result of the COVID-19 pandemic which is having an adverse impact on the electronics supply chain and end-demand. The world GDP (in terms of purchasing power parity) is expected to decelerate to 1% from 5% in 2019. Given the strong correlation between worldwide GDP and electronics, the drop in electronics sales should come as no surprise.

With sales falling more than 8% sequentially in Q1, equipment market is primed for a strong bounce back in Q2. semiconductor equipment industry sales report is expected to increase sequentially by mid-single digits in Q2 as additional revenue is recognized from shipments in Q1 and also from strong demand from China. This is a big sigh of relief for the equipment market in Q2 especially when compared to our negative forecast for Q2.