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    Semiconductor Manufacturing Process

      Young Soon Song, Nghia Nguyen, Kei Wong, Eyad Fanous, Hanna Kim, Steven Hsu
     Aug 3, 2016

    Fabricating Silicon: Quartz, or Silica, Consists of Silicon Dioxide, Sand Contains Many Tiny Grains of Quartz, Silicon Can be Artificially Produced by Combining Silica and Carbon in Electric Furnice, Gives Polycrystalline Silicon (multitude of crystals), Practical Integrated Circuits Can Only be Fabricated from Single-Crystal Material. Crystal Growth: Czochralski Process is a Technique in Making Single-Crystal Silicon. A Solid Seed Crystal is Rotated and Slowly Extracted from a Pool of Molten Si, Requires Careful Control to Give Crystals Desired Purity and Dimensions.

    Important Tags: Photolithography, Semiconductor Manufacturing, Ion Implantation, Silicon Manufacturing, Wafer Manufacturing
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