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    Semiconductor Market & Research Services

    VLSIresearch's unique combination of deep semiconductor industry contacts, data analytics, with databases and information libraries that reach back seven decades, combined with its locations in the world's technology hot-spots make it perfectly suited for the development of the world's most distinguished semiconductor market research.

    VLSI's information is selectively crafted by the world's most renown semiconductor manufacturing market research analysts who have over a century of combined experience.

    VLSIresearch's contributions are industry recognized by being the only market research firm to have received SEMI's Sales and Marketing Excellence Awards.

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      Chip Market Research Services

      Chip Market Research Services is a modular strategic planning, marketing, and communication tool that spans the semiconductor manufacturing industry. The service is delivered in modular format that comprises: 1) The Chip Insider® provides strategic and tactical insights with access to VLSIresearch's analysts. 2) The Forecast Pro provides the real-time data a professional analyst needs to predict how trends in the semiconductor business environment will affect their business and investments. This includes histories and forecasts of inventories, manufacturing capacity, prices, wafers, reticles, designs, semiconductor supply & demand, and much more. 3) IC Equipment Databases cover market shares with annual and quarterly forecasts for these segments.

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      Semiconductor Analytics

      Semiconductor Analytics is a weekly report addressing the semiconductor supply chain. The research and analysis is end-demand focused and has the objective of providing up-to-date business knowledge. Week-by-week data on electronics and semiconductor demand, along with monthly key performance indicators in electronics and semiconductor application markets are provided to semiconductor suppliers.

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      Customer Satisfaction Survey

      The Customer Satisfaction Survey provides direct feedback from equipment users through an independent third-party survey. The results serve as a benchmark with which to measure your company and its competition. The survey questions cover customer service, supplier and product performance, customer loyalty. The respondents provide in-depth commentary about supplier performance. VLSIresearch's 10 BEST, THE BEST, AND RANKED 1st supplier rankings provide an opportunity for public recognition of your company's customer satisfaction performance.

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      Critical Subsystems

      Critical Subsystems covers the market on subsystems for semiconductor and related production equipment. These subsystems have been developed to address specific applications and processes within these industries and are dedicated for use on a single tool or process chamber. They perform a particular function in the following key technology areas: Fluid Management, Integrated Process Diagnostics, Optical, Process Power, Thermal Management, Vacuum, and Wafer Handling.

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      Consulting and Custom Projects

      VLSIresearch's team of analysts and consultants constantly engage with major companies and investors in various projects. The projects vary in scope from simple two-day engagements and presentations to multi-month complex industry reviews and analyses. VLSIresearch can draw from the wealth of experience and expertise within our team, as well as from its international network of affiliates.

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      Test Connectivity Systems

      Annual analytics reports that cover test connectivity markets, suppliers, and key customer trends. They include Probe Card, Test & Burn-in Socket, and Device Interface Board (DIB) market analyses.

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      Spreadsheets and Reports

      Single data spread sheets and reports are derived from subscription services and can be purchased separately. They are ideal for one-time, low cost access to the data. Data sheets and reports are available through an on-line shop by.

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      Research Methodology

      The methodology used in compiling information relies heavily on market simulation and consists of several approaches. The basic theme common to all is data triangulation. Wherever possible, we try to box-in an issue from at least three different directions, sometimes more.