SemiWEEK Presentation Reports

SemiWEEK: VLSI 2020 Symposium and COVID; All eyes are focused on the second half
SemiWEEK: Advanced Node Wafer Fab Utilization; Plasma-Therm five-star etch & clean supplier; Stocks slipped
SemiWEEK: Manic-Depressive Forces Shaping Semiconductors; Teradyne outstanding five-star ATE Company; Stocks rose
SemiWEEK: Geopolitics of Semiconductor Equipment; Advantest number 1 global ATE supplier; Stocks fell
SemiWEEK: Forecasting 2021: How to approach it; Semiconductor Equipment Outlook; Stocks soar
SemiWEEK: Catching up; Stocks rose
SemiWEEK: America’s search for leading-edge fabs; Stocks rose
SemiWEEK: Electronics Production Outlook in Wake of COVID-19; Congrats to this year’s 10 BEST and THE BEST winners; Stocks fell
SemiWEEK: Coronavirus Semiconductor Sales Watch; 2019 WFE Market Landscape; Stocks jumped
SemiWEEK: Macroeconomic Impact of the Coronavirus: A new perspective; Stocks were mixed
SemiWEEK: Assembly Equipment Outlook; Test & Related Equipment Outlook; Stocks slipped
SemiWEEK: What happens when it’s over; WFE Outlook; Stocks rose
SemiWEEK: COVID-19 Concerns shift from Supply-side to Demand-side. Forecasting in uncertain times; Stocks rocketed
SemiWEEK: The bright & dark sides of the Coronavirus; Stocks fell
SemiWEEK: SPIE Highlights, Coronavirus forecast scenarios; Semi Equip Outlook; Stocks recover some lost ground
SemiWEEK: Coronavirus Watch. 450mm: Why it failed. Has Moore’s Law slowed?; 2019 Top Semi Equipment Suppliers; Stocks plummet
SemiWEEK: Flying into a headwind; Semiconductor sales dove deep; Stocks plummet
SemiWEEK: Manufacturing Innovation Summit & Coronavirus Semiconductor Watch; Stocks slipped
SemiWEEK: Coronavirus Semiconductor Billings Watch: Week 2; Coronavirus’ Impact on Semiconductor Equipment; Stocks plunged
SemiWEEK: Coronavirus Semiconductor Billings Watch and a 450mm revival; Stocks fell

Semiconductor WEEK, also known as semiWEEK, is a weekly report from VLSIresearch that provides an overview of results and conclusions from recent reports and data analytic programs. It includes semiStockWEEK covering VLSI's Semiconductor Stock Indices for Semiconductors, Semiconductor Equipment, EDA, Electronic Materials, and the stocks that make up each index. The indices increased this week. Three indices started the year strong, hitting new highs over last year. VLSI's Semiconductor Stock Index is broken out into separate results for IDM, Fabless & Fablite, and Foundry & OSAT. VLSI's Semiconductor Equipment Stock Index is broken out into separate results for WFE, Test, and Assembly.

Topics for each week include:

  • Order activity for semiconductor equipment
  • The Chip Price Performance Index (CPPI): a critical indicator that has predicted every turn in the industry since the late 1990's
  • Wafer Fabrication Production, Capacity, and Utilization
  • Weekly Semiconductor Sales
    • Semiconductor Sales Nowcast for the quarter
    • Semiconductor Weather Report that measures order activity
    • IC Supply-Demand Metrics for measuring shifts in pricing power between semiconductor buyers and sellers for DRAM, NAND, Logic, Auto, Analog & Power
  • Weekly Electronics Pricing Trends
  • Various topical reports from The Chip Insider®
    • Equipment & Emerging Markets
    • Strategy and Tactics