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    SemiWEEK: Coronavirus Impact Assessment and Samsung's EUV strategy; Stocks jump

      Andrea Lati

    Spring is here, but caution abounds. Order activity for semiconductor equipment bounced back after taking a breather last week. The Coronavirus will likely impact the IC market in February and March, but it should not affect IC industry’s annual results as long as it is contained. The Chip Price Performance Index (CPPI) jumped higher. Production and Capacity Plan. Planned additions are edging higher. Semi Market results from last week: Semiconductor sales slipped back under 2019’s for the week ending 7 Feb. This was mostly due to DRAM weakness. Coronavirus Watch: IC sales declined deeper last week than in past pandemics. Results were also influenced by the Lunar New Year. Semiconductor Sales Nowcast: 1Q20/1Q19 Improved to +8%. Semiconductor Weather1 Report: Sunny & Warming. IC Supply-Demand2 Metrics: Tightened back to shortages. Electronics Price Trend: Declining. Integrated Circuit sales growing off of an upward 2019 channel. IBM’s development of copper interconnect for ICs: IBM was first with copper interconnect for semiconductors. The images were stunning at the time. More important was that it marked the successful culmination of a decade-long search for a material to replace aluminum. IBM would ramp copper production in three quarters on its 220nm microprocessors. Intel: 50 Years of Leadership: Six people have held the title of CEO over the first fifty years of Intel’s existence. All six have faced and have had to overcome great challenges. At the same time, no leader can be great without great followers. The real question is, what did these leaders set out to accomplish, did they achieve their goals, and what problems did they leave for each that followed them. Strategy and Tactics: Coronavirus Impact Assessment and Samsung’s EUV strategy. VLSI's Semiconductor Stock Indices jumped this week with three indices and the S&P 500 hitting fresh new yearly highs. Semiconductor Stock Index led up by NVIDIA. Semiconductor Equipment Stock Index was led up by Veeco Instruments. EDA Stock Index was led up by Cadence. Electronics Materials Stock Index was led up by Cabot Microelectronics. Hottest Stocks: Veeco Instruments, NVIDIA, JCET, Amkor, AMD, and ASM International.

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