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    SemiWEEK: Coronavirus Semiconductor Billings Watch and a 450mm revival; Stocks fell

      Andrea Lati

    Temperatures fell amid rising uncertainty… Order activity for semiconductor equipment fell nearly a point due to growing concerns on the impact of the Coronavirus. Electronics suppliers are being hit the hardest this quarter as they grapple with slow demand in China. The Chip Price Performance Index (CPPI) slipped. Capacity Utilization by Wafer Size. Utilization rates remain above last year’s levels. Semi Market results from last week: Semiconductor sales remained under 2019 levels for the second week with demand plagued by the Coronavirus. Prices were sick as well. Supply-Demand dropped 3 levels. Foundry, OSAT, and IDM were most affected. Semiconductor Sales Nowcast: 1Q20/1Q19 Slid to +6%. Semiconductor Weather1 Report: Sunny, Cooler, and Foggy. IC Supply-Demand2 Metrics: Dropped to Loose. Electronics Price Trend: Declining. Coronavirus has had a deep negative impact on Integrated Circuit sales in the first 2 weeks of February. People: Yan Borodovsky discusses what was happening in 2007 with DFM and Computational Lithography at Intel. People: Craig Barrett discusses how Intel turned manufacturing into the powerhouse it is today. Strategy and Tactics: Coronavirus Semiconductor Billings Watch and a 450mm revival. IC sales did decline deeper last week than in past pandemics. The big question left unanswered is how the Lunar New Year is affecting this year’s data, which is also impacted heavily by the Christmas and New Year’s break. 450mm: Just when you thought it was dead … Dead, is what I called it here a couple of weeks ago in summarizing the last decade. The Chip History Center: The 1st Cleanroom — It’s hard to believe, but the cleanroom wasn’t invented until 1960 and it wasn’t invented for the semiconductor industry. VLSI's Semiconductor Stock Indices fell this week while the market slipped. Semiconductor Stock Index led down by On Semiconductor. Semiconductor Equipment Stock Index was led down by Veeco Instruments. EDA Stock Index was led down by Synopsys. Electronics Materials Stock Index was led down by Tokyo Ohka. Hottest Stocks: Kingpak Technology, Analog Devices, JCET, NVIDIA, Shin-Etsu, and JSR.

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