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    Semiconductor week june 26 2020

    SemiWEEK: Advanced Node Wafer Fab Utilization; Plasma-Therm five-star etch & clean supplier; Stocks slipped

      Andrea Lati
     Jun 29, 2020

    Semiconductor WEEK: An overview of results and conclusions from recent reports at VLSI.

    Chip Market Research Services
    It’s been a warm spring, but a blanket of caution and uncertainty clouds visibility
    • There was no discernable change to the overall order activity for semiconductor equipment as increases in Memory and Subcon/Adv Packaging were offset by declines in SOC Mobile and SOC Computing
    • Memory activity hit another high for the year and it’s finally in positive territory
    • Pricing trends in Memory have been on the mend, which should help support higher spending in 2H20
    • There were minor changes made to the 2020 forecasts in June
    • VLSI’s Chip Price Performance Index (CPPI) bounced back

    Customer Satisfaction Survey
    White Paper: Plasma-Therm five-star etch & clean supplier
    Plasma-Therm ranks as the world’s 10 BEST Focused Supplier

    Semiconductor Analytics
    Last Week in the Semiconductor Market:
    Semiconductor sales are forming a W as June’s normal peak is weak due to the transition to phase 2 of the WAHE and US imposed restrictions on shipping to Huawei. The 2Q20 Nowcast slipped again as the market zeros in on the quarter’s close. Still, it's predicting an annual gain of 14%.
    Semi Market results from last week:
    • Semiconductor Sales Nowcast: 2Q20/2Q19: 2Q20 slid to +14%
    • Semiconductor Weather1 Report: Temperate
    • IC Supply-Demand2 Metrics: Balanced
    • Electronics Price Trend: Rolling Over

    Chip History Center
    SEMICON Conceived: Next year will mark the 50th Anniversary of SEMI. It all started with the conception of the SEMICON trade show in 1970 is a milestone that marks the emergence of the semiconductor equipment industry.
    Making Silicon Commercially Manufacturable: Without silicon, there wouldn’t be chips. Being able to make sellable wafers starts with the first crystal pulling technology developed in the 1950s and 1960s by Dr. Henry W. Gutsche and Robert Lorenzini.
    The Chip Insider
    Strategy and Tactics: Advanced Node Wafer Fab Utilization
    Advanced Node Wafer Fab Utilization: Over the years, VLSI has been asked time and again if we could get at fab utilization by device class for advanced nodes. I’ve tried and failed to do it almost as many times. It’s so wanted and difficult to do that Risto calls it, “The Holy Grail.” The problem hasn’t been in coming up with theoretical algorithms. The problem has been in having enough of the right data series to triangulate on the numbers. Anyway, I think I have finally cracked it with much help from Andrea and his team. So, I present this experimental data series… The results are pretty much as expected, with some important surprises.

    What’s Happening and What’s the Meaning: ASML ranked 25th in list of market cap increases since COVID-19 struck.

    Semiconductor Stocks
    VLSI's Semiconductor Stock Indices slipped this week with the exception of EDA stocks hitting a new yearly high.
    • Semiconductors -0%
    • Equipment -2%
    • EDA +3%
    • Electronic Materials -0%.

    VLSI’s Semiconductor Stock Index slipped 0.3% despite claiming four of the top six stocks.
    IDM -2.9%
    Foundry & OSAT +4.9%
    Fabless & Fablite -1.4%

    VLSI’s Semiconductor Equipment Stock Index fell 1.6% with TEL coming out on top.
    WFE -1.3%
    Test -2.5%
    Assembly -3.6%

    VLSI’s EDA Stock Index jumped another 2.7% to a fresh new yearly high.

    VLSI’s Electronics Materials Stock Index slipped 0.1%, Tokyo Ohka was the top performer.

    Hottest Stocks: SMIC, MaxLinear, JCET, Tokyo Ohka, MediaTek, and TEL.

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