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    SemiWEEK: Governments and Semiconductor Market Power Balance. When Does the Equipment Boom End? Maxim: Branding; Stocks Fell

      Andrea Lati
     May 3, 2021

    Semiconductor WEEK: An overview of results and conclusions from recent reports at VLSI.

    Chip Market Research Services
    The road is clear well into the second half
    • Order activity for semiconductor equipment stayed red hot, hitting another high for the year
    • All segments moved higher last week and are now hovering at triple-digit-level territory
    • VLSI’s Chip Price Performance slipped again
    Semiconductor Analytics
    Last Week in the Semiconductor Market:
    Semiconductor sales growth continued to slow as it passed the spectacular comps to last year’s COVID drop. Focusing on last week’s Logic picture, its y/y MA sales growth ran over 20% last week but it is clearly slowing due to comps and capacity limits. Growth is sinking to more reasonable levels from extreme highs at the end of March.
    Semi Market results from last week:
    • Semiconductor Weather1 Report: The IC weather was hot as it cooled 2?F for the week.
    • Wafer Fab Production Levels: IC Wafer Fab Production levels slipped back for the 3rd week.
    • IC Supply-Demand2 Metrics: stayed in Shortage conditions.
    • Electronics Prices have bottomed.

    The Chip Insider

    Strategy and Tactics: Governments and semiconductor market power balance. When does the equipment boom end?

    Maxim: Branding.

    Governments and semiconductor market power balance: It has been decades since the last time Governments were deeply involved with the semiconductor industry. That era spanned three decades and was over by the 1990s. Then, as now, the rational for the rise came from multiple vectors with national security at the core. Also similar was that the first sparks for what would become the first world trade war over semiconductors came out of Asia. In the 1970s, Japanese visionaries saw… Then came China, which provided the first sparks for a second world war over semiconductors … What is so different about WWSII, is the misdirected pressure on holding down China … misdirected because unlike Japan in the 1970s and 80s … Few argue with the immense success of TSMC. It is the Hope Diamond of the global semiconductor infrastructure…

    When does the equipment boom end? There continues to be a lot of concern that all the capacity additions will lead to a glut. What we typically hear by pessimists places it in 2 to 3 halves out. If not, they want to hear why we believe this won’t happen. As I mentioned earlier this year, fabs are getting more expensive. To illustrate the impact, consider that even with last year’s $92B spent on equipment, wafer fab capacity declined by ... In contrast, in 2000 $56B was spent to create … of additional capacity…

    Maxim: Branding word choice will make or break a product. Words matter. Words imprint in the brain with the images they create. It is a general observation the best brands are built around words descriptive of the products, markets, or the companies they are destined to represent. The examples are numerous: General Motors for cars. Tesla for groundbreaking electric cars. Better yet, Intel for ‘Integrated Electronics,’ AMD for ‘Advanced Micro-Devices,’ or Applied Materials … which describes exactly what they do. More recently, there’s MediaTek, TSMC for ‘Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation,’ and GlobalFoundries. Of course, it doesn’t always work. But, it’s a good start to get a product or company on the way...

    Chip History Center
    Texas-California battle over the IC invention: The Integrated Circuit was first implemented on August 28, 1958 by Jack Kilby as a heterogeneous IC made up of individual transistors wire-bonded together. Almost 4 months later, to the day, Robert Noyce described a planar IC with lithographically patterned metal interconnect. The two patents were different enough for Texas Instruments and Fairchild Semiconductor to go to war in a courtroom over who really invented it. In this video, Dan Hutcheson has a conversation about the Texas-California battle for who really invented the IC with Wally Rhines who knows it very well, having worked for 21 years at TI, in numerous semiconductor executive management positions.
    Jack Kilby on the IC invention: The historic video of Jack Kilby’s Nobel Prize acceptance speech on the invention of the Integrated Circuit on 28 August 1958. Also of interest for researchers are links to: Turning Potential into Realities: The Invention of the Integrated Circuit, The Chip that Jack Built, The Jack Kilby papers, Who Invented the IC?
    Semiconductor Stocks
    VLSI's Semiconductor Stock Indices fell this week while the market was flat. Semiconductors -0.0%
    • Semiconductors -2.4%
    • Equipment -2.0%
    • Electronic Materials -1.5%
    • EDA -4.5%

    VLSI’s Semiconductor Stock Index fell this week, MediaTek was this week’s biggest winner following their optimistic outlook for 2Q21. Western Digital, ASE, and Panasonic had a strong week as well.
    IDM -2.4%
    Foundry & OSAT -3.8%
    Fabless & Fablite -1.9%
    VLSI’s Semiconductor Equipment Stock Index fell this week with Nikon coming out on top as the demand for semiconductor production equipment is anticipated to pick up in the coming quarters.

    WFE -1.7%
    Test -8.0%
    Assembly -3.2%

    VLSI’s EDA Stock sunk.
    VLSI’s Electronics Materials Stock Index fell with BASF and DuPont de Nemours performing the best.
    Hottest Stocks: MediaTek, Western Digital, ASE, Nikon, Qualcomm, and Veeco Instruments.

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