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    SemiWEEK: EV Group’s ninth consecutive triple crown win; TSMC’s 2021 Technology Symposium; Stocks decreased

      Andrea Lati
     Jun 21, 2021

    Semiconductor WEEK: An overview of results and conclusions from recent reports at VLSI.

    Customer Satisfaction Survey
    White Paper: EV Group’s ninth consecutive triple crown win

    Chip Market Research Services
    It's still red hot out there
    • Order activity for semiconductor equipment stayed red hot, hovering at 107 degrees
    • SoC Computing and SoC Mobile remain the hottest sectors followed by Adv. Packaging/Subcon
    • The overall visibility for equipment suppliers has stretched into 2022
    • VLSI’s Chip Price Performance edged higher
    Semiconductor Analytics
    Last Week in the Semiconductor Market:
    Semiconductor sales growth 13 wk MA passed 25% last week. It’s a 14-week run of double-digit gains. The IC weather was mixed, with a 0?F slide for the week. Focusing on Auto IC, Y/Y growth MA’s were approaching 60% last week and have steadily headed upwards all year. However, W/W growth has been tailing off, with DRAM still in 2nd, followed by A&P, NAND, and Logic.
    Semi Market results from last week:
    • Semiconductor Weather1 Report: The IC weather was mixed
    • Wafer Fab Production Levels: IC Wafer Fab continued to show the effect of capacity constraints.
    • IC Supply-Demand2 Metrics: VLSI’s IC Supply/Demand indices Tight conditions held for the 6th week
    • Electronics Prices Trend in a declining path.

    The Chip Insider
    Strategy and Tactics: Hyperinflation: Should you be worried? TSMC’s 2021 Technology Symposium.

    Hyperinflation: Should you be worried? I keep running into people who are deeply concerned about America’s spending and the threat it might turn into something like Germany’s hyperinflation, where people stopped using wallets to carry their money, switched to suitcases, and eventually wheelbarrows. Fortunately, Germans are sticklers for records and detail, and collected the data needed to understand what happened. So let’s dig in…

    Comments, Questions & Answers: TSMC’s 2021 Technology Symposium

    Attention getting e-mail items: Moore’s Law and the future of test

    The Chip History Center: - Taiwan shifting from being a cost leader to a service and technology leader. Semiconductor Wafers get a reprieve. If you apply classical marketing to Tech, you will fail. The Three Traits of Great Leaders.

    ChipChirps™ — VLSI's Semiconductor Analytics report and more. ChipChirps are short notifications from VLSI’s analysts to alert clients about breaking news and events. They are exclusively available on VLSI’s App for Android and iOS.

    Chip History Center
    Applied Materials introduces Producer wafer fab system: July 2, 1998 … Applied Materials’ introduction of the Producer® in July 1998, marks an important turning point in the history of the semiconductor industry... The pressure to make this transition was driven by the need for greater productivity as … AMAT’s Producer design team conceived of it as a one-two punch to solve poor cluster-tool productivity and bridge the 200mm-to-300mm jump. At the time, tool designers still tended to focus designs on narrow application segments ... Customers did not want bridge tools … The Producer platform was a gutsy move because it offered what customers needed but didn’t want. Great equipment companies have done this in the past and won big. The Producer would go on to be one of the most successful platforms in the industry’s history, bridging many deposition and etch applications.
    The Chip Insider’s original review of Applied Materials' Producer at its introduction July 4, 1998: a new revolution is upon us … It has been ten years … since Applied Materials set the world afire with its Precision 5000 cluster tool. Now, Applied Materials has just done what no one does better, it has reinvented itself with the PRODUCER™. The PRODUCER™ is designed around new architecture concepts which obsolete all current cluster tool designs. More importantly, Applied Materials has reinvented the cluster tool in a sweeping way that challenges all past thinking about fab equipment…
    Semiconductor Stocks
    VLSI's Semiconductor Stock Indices decreased this week with the exception of EDA stocks which was this week’s only bright spot. The market decreased this week due to worries the Federal Reserve might begin lifting rates sooner than expected.
    • Semiconductors -2.1%
    • Equipment -3.2%
    • Electronic Materials -1.1%
    • EDA +1.0%

    VLSI’s Semiconductor Stock Index fell this week, SkyWater Technology was this week’s biggest winner followed by JCET, NVIDIA, and AMD who claimed four of the top six stock spots.
    IDM -4.1%
    Foundry & OSAT +0.6%
    Fabless & Fablite -1.7%
    VLSI’s Semiconductor Equipment Stock Index sunk this week, Tokyo Electron came out on top followed by Advantest and Nikon who were the only three to finish in positive territory.

    WFE -4.0%
    Test -0.1%
    Assembly -3.0%

    VLSI’s EDA Stock was led up by both Synopsys and Cadence.
    VLSI’s Electronics Materials Stock Index decreased despite Shin-Etsu, JSR, SOITEC, and DNP being top performers this week.
    Hottest Stocks: SkyWater Technology, JCET, NVIDIA, AMD, Shin-Etsu, and Tokyo Electron.

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