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    SemiWEEK: semiStockYEAR 2019

      G Dan Hutcheson

    semiStockYEAR: 2019 was a year of record breaking for VLSI's Semiconductor Stock Indices, which were up 64% and finished the year with an average fPE of 19. With 10 stocks more than doubling, the market was led like a rocket by ASMI, followed by Advantest and SMIC. SMIC was up 172% and a distorting 1182 fPE. JCET and AMD followed -all doubles. W/O SMIC, the average fPE was 22. IDM +61% fPE 14 Fabless & Fablite +50% fPE 23. Foundry & OSAT +86% fPE 220

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