Semiconductor Chip Market Research Services

    VLSI's CMRS Platform Modular Format Structure:

    • The Chip Insider® provides strategic and tactical insights with access to VLSIresearch’s analysts.

    • TCI Graphics brings weekly visualization to semiconductor supply chain KPI trends

    • The Forecast Pro is a research platform with critical datasets for Semiconductors, Silicon, Packaging, Designs & Reticles along with Semiconductor Inventories, Capacity & Supply-Demand analysis.

    • Semiconductor Equipment Databases is a research platform covering market shares with annual and quarterly forecasts for these segments along with equipment demand by device type and region.

    • More than Moore is a research platform focusing on equipment markets for greater than 28nm semiconductor manufacturing. Typical segments are LED, MEMs, Power, and Compound Semiconductors.

    The Chip Insider®

    Trusted Advisor for semiconductor manufacturing

    • Trusted advisor to senior semiconductor executives
      • Intelligence to make better decisions faster
    • E-mail reports on current issues, trends, strategies, and tactics
      • Edgy & blunt on industry issues
      • Essential perspectives
    • Analyst access for detailed discussion & advisory
      • Time for personalized inquiries
      • Leadership, strategy, & tactics
      • Brainstorming, bullet proofing your work
      • Marketing communications & financial relations support
    WFE sales by customer type

    TCI Graphics

    Semiconductor manufacturing key performance indicators

    • Unique View into the health of the semiconductor manufacturing ecosystem
      • Key performance indicators across electronics, semiconductor, and equipment supply chains
      • Weather Reports and the IC Price Performance Index
    • Simple charts to transfer VLSI’s views for use and communication to management, marketing, and operations
    • Weekly and monthly views and analysis result in immediate actions to manage supply chain
    Chip Research


    Baseline data on the semiconductor ecosystem

    • For semiconductor market knowledge professionals
    • On-line and e-mail databases and graphics
    • Essential data for assessing current market status, forecasting, and building dashboards:
      • Forecast Databases
      • Driving Forces Databases
      • TCI Graphics
      • Weather Report
    Chip Market research process

    Equipment Databases

    All about semiconductor equipment markets

    • The original standard on the semiconductor equipment industry
      • Market shares and forecasts
      • Annual and quarterly data series
      • Market sizing and share data reviewed and accepted by major equipment suppliers
    • For Corporate Marketing, Product Management, and Investor Relations
      • An external and independent source to reference
      • External validation and verification
    regional equipment consumption

    More than Moore (MtM) Equipment Database

    More than Moore Device WFE Equipment Database

    • Semiconductor Equipment Sales for ≥ 28nm has increased substantially over last four years. This segment comprises 20% of total WFE.
      • MtM devices have significant share of the overall semiconductor market
      • Uses both 200mm and 300mm WFE
      • Both IDMs and Foundries are active buyers of equipment
      • OSATs, IDMs and Foundries are buying for Advanced Packaging
      • 200mm WFE alone is $4B in sales volume
    More than Moore (MtM) Equipment Database