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    Semiconductor Critical Subsystems and Components Market

    Market intelligence data focussed specifically on subsystems and components used in semiconductor and related capital equipment

    • Semiconductor, flat panel display & photovoltaic Market Coverage
    • Mainstream and niche segments - if it goes on a processing tool, we've probably got data on it
    • Demand Drivers - learn which tools your product is used on and how many tools are being shipped
    • Spot technology trends - data going back all the way back to the early 2000s
    • Navigate the business cycle - monthly datasets and updates providing real-time industry insights
    • Get up to speed quickly - we like your questions and are always available for a discussion
    • Validated data - corroborated by industry-wide surveys and supply chain contacts
    • Subscriptions and one-off datasets available

    What are Critical Subsystems?

    Having trouble explaining to friends and family exactly what you do for a living? We feel your pain and know just how frustrating this can be. So, to help clear the fog of misunderstanding we put together a fun film to explain what you do. We hope you enjoy it as much as we had fun making it...

    This is a $12Bn industry... yes $12Bn - You can add another $7Bn if you include Critical Components - Yet many outside of the industry (and a few within) don't realise the important role Critical Subsystems & Components suppliers play in developing the latest technology for modern society.

    VLSIresearch defines Critical Subsystems as highly engineered and specialised technologies which actively affect substrate processing during device manufacturing. Critical Subsystems technologies include:

    Fluid e.g. Mass Flow Controllers, Liquid Flow Controllers, Fluid Pumps...

    Vacuum e.g. Valves (Control, Transfer, Isolation), Pumps (Cryo, Dry, Turbo)...

    Integrated Process Diagnostics e.g. Gas Analysers, Liquid Analysis, Particle Measurement, Other Metrology...

    Optical Subsystems e.g. Lithography Optics...

    Power e.g. RF Power Supplies, RF Power Matching Networks, DC Process Power, Plasma Sources...

    Thermal e.g. Chillers, Heat Exchangers, Temperature Measurement...

    Wafer Robotics e.g. Vacuum Robots, Atmospheric Robots, Wet Robotic Subsystems...

    Critical Components e.g. Electrostatic Chucks, Ceramics, Elastomers...

    Market Research Platform

    Know your market

    • Revenues and Forecasts for Critical Subsystems and Components segments

    Know your segments

    • Segmentation which covers all areas of the supply chain

    Know your customers

    • Substrate processing equipment units

    Know your growth opportunities

    • Identify drivers and trends for your products

    Know where you are in the cycle - optimise your decision timing

    • Monthly updates

    What does all it mean?

    • Detailed market commentaries provided with our forecasts
    • Pick up the phone and ask, we love to talk.

    Use for our Platform

    Supply chain management

    • Identify market players and supply chain risks

    Investment due diligence

    • Market sizes and forecasts
    • Market shares
    • Information on private companies

    Competitive analysis

    • Benchmark against your competitors, where do you rank? who are your rivals?

    Spot market opportunities

    • Be the first to identify and size opportunities in new technologies and markets

    Marketing communications

    • Data for investor relations

    Our customers

    • Device makers
    • Supply chain companies
      • OEMs, Critical Subsystems suppliers, Critical Components suppliers
    • Finance & consulting professionals

    Over the last 20 years we have partnered closely with all our clients, helping improve their visibility in an industry regarded as the "extreme sports" of the business world. Our customers cover the entire supply chain from the largest chip makers and financial institutions to subsystems start-ups and venture capitalists, and everything in-between - including 7 out of the top 10 Critical Subsystems suppliers.