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    Semiconductor Customer Satisfaction Survey

    The VLSIresearch annual Customer Satisfaction Survey benchmarks the performance of suppliers across the semiconductor industry. Since 1988 it's been the only publicly available opportunity for customers to provide open feedback about suppliers of semiconductor equipment and subsystems. The direct ratings and frank comments result in valuable insight into customers' successes and issues.

    How do customers perceive your company?

    • Is your company getting better every year?
      • Sales and Marketing
      • Products, Roadmaps
      • Operations and Manufacturing
      • Customer Service and Parts
    • How is your relationship with customers?
      • Honest and accurate picture of your customers' views
        • And how they are changing
      • Their view of your strengths and shortcomings
      • Are you a partner in their success?
        • Or are you just a vendor?
    • Do you need to improve your company's brand?
      • On-going positive messaging
      • A public record of customer's positive views
    • How do you compare to the competitors and peers?
      • Know where you stand against them
      • See if they are catching up
      • Find out their strengths and shortcomings
      • Market share shifts are always preceded by customer satisfaction shifts
        • Stay ahead of the game
    10 best chip making equipment suppliers of 2019

    measuring Customer Satisfaction

    • Suppliers with consistently high customer satisfaction often dominate their markets
      • They are often more profitable
      • They tend to gain market share and/or maintain it
      • They are more agile and capable to exploit opportunities
    • The Concentration of major semiconductor makers makes every opportunity important
      • Loss of a single opportunity due to poor customer satisfaction can be catastrophic
    • The survey provides insights into customer behavior
      • Measuring critical factors for the customers
    • Data analytics from the survey provide a base for improvement activities at your company
      • Independent data provides basis for better decisions


    customer program

    What's in the 10 BEST and THE BEST

    • 10 BEST Suppliers
      • Large Chip Making Equipment Suppliers
      • Focused Chip Making Equipment Suppliers
    • THE BEST Suppliers
      • Test Equipment
      • Assembly Equipment
      • Fab Equipment
      • Fab Equipment to Foundation Companies
      • Fab Equipment to Specialty Companies
      • Subsystems
    VLSIresearch 10 Best Suppliers 2019
    VLSIresearch The Best Suppliers 2019

    Who's RANKED 1st in these segments

    • RANKED 1st
      • Is the third award in VLSIresearch's coveted Triple Crown of Customer Satisfaction
      • It puts the best companies on display
        • For each individual category
      • These are not just the best companies in the industry
        • These are the best companies among their peers
    • RANKED 1st in:
      • Large & Focused 10 BEST Suppliers
      • Each of THE BEST Supplier Segments
      • Lithography
      • CMP
      • Ion Implant
      • Deposition
      • Etch & Clean
      • Process Diagnostics
      • Specialty Fab
    VLSIresearch Ranked 1st Suppliers 2019

    about the Internet/Mobile Questionnaire

    The 2-page survey questionnaire is available in 5 languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Simplified) and Chinese (Traditional):

    Worldwide respondents:

    • Rate suppliers on a ten-point scale among fourteen categories
    • Comment on the primary reasons for their ratings and what the supplier should change or do more of to improve next year's ratings
    • Provide additional information such as:
      • Will respondent buy from supplier again?
      • Is OEM Support used for the product?
      • Is respondent directly involved with the product?
      • Wafer Size?
      • Demographic information such as country, job function, and degree of purchase influence
    VLSIresearch Customer satisfaction survey mobile

    What the survey measures

    • The fourteen rating categories are based upon three key performance factors:
      • Supplier Performance
        • Overall corporate metrics
        • How they see your
          • -  Commitment to them
        • Are you seem as a partner in their success?
          • -  Or are you just a vendor?
          • -  Do they trust your organization and see you as committed to their success?
      • Customer Service
        • Measures how your support organization is doing in the field
          • -  From Application Support to Spares
        • What happens after sales has sealed the deal?
      • Product Performance
        • An independent measure of how well your products are performing in the field
        • Do your customers see you products as good as you think they are?
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    program structure of the VLSI Survey

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