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    Smart Things require Smart Packaging

      David Bolognia
     Sep 6, 2016

    Two Paths to System Solution Integration: System on Chip- May benefit from Moore’s Law, All or most functions on one die, Analog & digital integration challenge, Small ‘tweaks’ require new mask set. System in Package- Best fab technology for each function, Re-use of qualified silicon, Customization, Passive integration, Lower NRE. SiP is the Integration of Enabling Packaging Technologies: Enabling technologies- Advanced laminate & flex technologies, Chip & wire, Flip chip (plated & copper pillar), Die stacking (pyramid, spacer, FOW, flip-stack), Discrete passives & IPDs, Embedded components, Mechanical integration & shielding.

    Important Tags: Smart packaging, Semiconductor solutions, Internet of Things, Digital integration, Moore’s Law
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