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    Software-Defined Storage: Freeing You from Being A Storage Mastermind

      Brian Cox
     Nov 14, 2015

    What is Software-Defined Storage (SDS)! Software Defined Storage – technology that abstracts storage hardware from software to more flexibly manage storage infrastructure. Business Benefits: Ability to quickly deploy new applications, address dynamic application and data workloads. Issues Today: Silos, discrete LUNs, No Policies, e.g., application profiling, Unmanageable virtual machine sprawl, Common policy-based automation and orchestration, Third-party services integration, Abstraction and pooling, Infrastructure integration, New storage tiers based on a pool of shared storage resources. Nexus of Enablement: Only just now enabled by advances in industry standard multi-core processors (no longer expensive FPGAs, ASICs or proprietary CPUs), Affordability of SSDs to be included pervasively in the architecture. Why use Software-Defined Storage (SDS)! To help explain Software-Defined Storage, we should understand the strengths and limitations of the two predominant storage architectures from the past 20-30 years: SAN – Storage Area Networks, NAS – Network Attached Storage. Why use Software-Defined Storage! Moving forward...Will SAN and NAS be the platforms to carry the demand for storage capacity! What are the main drivers that will cause a shift in storage design and architectures, and thus a direction away from SAN and NAS!

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