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    SOI Markets And Cost Modeling 20nm, 16nm And 14nm Techologies

     Apr 1, 2014

    In this electronic presentation shows the trends for advanced technology and role of SOI. IBS has been in business for 25 years, In Previous experience in managing 1.5K+ engineers at Rockwell International, which included avionics, communications, and semiconductors. Also head of strategy and business development. Top level factors in Semiconductors industry like Multimedia mobile platforms (smartphones and tablets) are driving growth of IC market in 2013 Very high growth in China, but with global supply chains for semiconductor products Need low power and low cost. Automotive is in steady growth phase, with global supply. China market is strong. Includes IC Consumption in China, Electronics Production in China. Supply chain factors are mature echnology in 2013, with high volumes, long lifetime, with large wafer supply, next logical technology node, but cost, power consumption, and performance benefits need to be demonstrated Low cost and low power 20nm technology is required, ie, FD SOI , Intel is planning to be in initial volume production. IC market will have stronger growth in 2014 than in 2013 but will continue to be price sensitive. China market is growing, but 90% of ICs are supplied by foreign companies. RF SOI also has good growth potential, with power amplifier market having large potential.

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