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    Solving Latency Problems with Flash on the Memory Bus

      Sean Stead
     Sep 16, 2015

    The Memory / Storage Problem: Latency:As CPU technology scales, storage I/O creates performance bottlenecks, The latency gap in memory / storage hierarchy needs to be bridged, NVDIMM offers a solution today (Storage with low DRAM Latency). Memory/Storage Hierarchy:Data-Intensive Applications Need Fast Access To Storage, Large Performance Gap Between Main Memory And HDD, SSDs Have Narrowed The Gap, But a Big Gap Still Exists. NVDIMM’S – WHAT & WHY:Resides on the Memory Channel (DDR3/DDR4), Retains data in the event of an unexpected power loss, Combines memory technologies (DRAM & Flash), Requires unique power source for main memory persistence, Delivers high levels of storage throughput performance, Databases can run faster & recover quicker, Can enhance both SSD endurance and reliability. OPTIONS – FLEXIBILITY – PRO’S & CON’S:Flash is cheaper than DRAM $/GB, NVDIMM has 1000x lower latency than Flash, DRAM has practically infinite endurance, Hyperscale want “Dense & Cheap” (WORM), Financial want low & predictable latency, Storage wants higher I/O performance & increased data security, No individual “BEST” choice – There are OPTIONS....

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