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    Spectrum Simulation of Multilayer Optics with Buried Defects in EUV Lithography

      Xiaolei Liu, Xiangzhao Wang, Sikun Li
     Sep 21, 2014

    Simplified Model for Spectrum Simulation of Multilayer with Buried Defect in EUV Lithography: A simplified model is developed for spectrum simulation of multilayer with buried defect in EUV lithography. An analytical expression of spectrum is deduced. This model is developed based on the smoothing based multilayer. In this model, the multilayer is treated as a mirror, and the defect is treated as phase perturbation and amplitude attenuation of reflection coefficient. The phase perturbation depends on surface defect size of the defective multilayer and the amplitude attenuation depends on substrate defect size. This approximate method for the spectrum simulation of the multilayer with buried defect is as fast as the advanced single surface approximation model, while it is more accurate. Parameters of simplified model: definition of parameters: (a) the amplitude and (b) the phase of reflection on different positions of defective multilayer. phase perturbation: The parameters of phase perturbation are dependent on the defect size of multilayer surface. For the smoothing model, the phase perturbation can be calculated by the defect size of layer below the top surface. amplitude attenuation: The parameters of amplitude attenuation are dependent on the defect size of the substrate.

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