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    Spin Torque MRAM Manufacturing Challenges

      Sanjeev Aggarwal Ph.D.
     Oct 12, 2015

    The Opportunity for MRAM:Current Mainstream Memory is One-Dimensional-RAM is fast, but is also “Volatile”, FLASH is “Non-Volatile”, but is also slow, limited endurance, and requires high power, A complex system is required for “Persistent RAM” or “High-Integrity NVM”; The Market for “Persistent RAM” and “High-Integrity NVM” will be ~$5B by 2019, We address this market with Discrete and Embedded MRAM technology, We are optimizing the memory for Embedded Integration (>20Bu TAM by 2018). Everspin Company Highlights:The Market Leader in Advanced MRAM Products and Solutions, Serves Large and Growing Markets (~$5B Toggle + ST-MRAM TAM by 2019), Well-Established OEM Relationships (Dell, WDC, Siemens, Bosch, BMW, Fujitsu...), Global, Cost Effective Operations, Experienced executive team, 500+ Patents & Applications Worldwide, 350+ Patents Granted Worldwide, Privately Owned by Semiconductor VCs and Strategic Investors, Proven Quality and Reliability, Qualified by Numerous Tier One (Fortune 50) Companies, Engineering and Manufacturing Focus on ST-MRAM to scale to Advanced Technology Nodes (40/28nm/- ) on 300mm, Mass-Proliferation of iMTJ/pMTJ ST-MRAM through GLOBALFOUNDRIES Partnership, Optimizing Magnetic Tunnel Junction (MTJ) Technology for Embedded Integration. ST-MRAM is Replacing Persistent DRAM Solutions by Improving Latency while Reducing Design Complexity and System Cost. Outline:ST-MRAM background, From Development to Production, 64Mb In-plane ST-MRAM in Production, 256Mb and 1Gb ST-MRAM on 300mm, Summary. ST-MRAM Technology:Write with current passing through the MTJ, Higher memory density with shrinking MTJ bit size, Perpendicular MTJ (pMTJ) bits enable higher density compared to in plane MTJ (iMTJ) bits.

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