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    Spintronic Memory Applications in Microprocessors

      Yiran Chen
     Sep 19, 2013

    "The Applications of Spintronic Memory in Microprocessors - STT-RAM as On-Chip Cache–On-Chip Cache for Multicore Architecture–Retention Time Relaxation–Multi-Level Cell Cache. Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering. Baseline 3D Architecture, Core Layer + Cache Layers. NUCA caches with NOC connections. Data Migration, SRAM-MRAM Hybrid L2 Cache, 32-Way MRAM 31-Way MRAM & 1-Way SRAM, Multi-Level Cell (MLC) MTJ Two magnetic domains/devices–Hard & soft, Four resistance states: 00-11, Transitions are realized by passing the spin-polarized currents with different amplitudes and/or directions. –Soft: by a small current. –Hard: by only a large current. MLC STT-RAM Cell Specifications. "

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