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    Status of the MEMS Industry

      Eric Mounier PhD, Claire Troadec, Guillaume Girardin PhD, Jérôme Mouly
     Aug 2, 2016

    Methodology: The market & technical information has been gathered directly with: System manufacturers: car equipment manufacturers, IT equipment and medical device manufacturers, Device manufacturers: key MEMS inertial sensor manufacturers worldwide, Equipment & material suppliers for the MEMS industry. This 2015 edition is also the result of the daily work of the analysts at Yole who update the forecasts as soon as the information is obtained. YOLE analysts contact more than 3,500 companies every year ( 50 to 70 industrial interviews every week...) in order to understand market trends, technical developments, and changes in strategy. All these interviews provide the primary data we use for our subsequent analysis and forecasts.

    Important Tags: MEMS Devices, MEMS Applications, MEMS Markets, Semiconductor Industry, MEMS Challenges
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