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    StorageRAM with a New Spin - the MRAM Value Proposition

      Steffen Hellmold
     Jul 29, 2014

    Following presentation is about Everspin The MRAM Company, Magnetic Random Access Memory, Fastest non-volatile memory with unlimited endurance Addressing a fundamental Problem of Storage Truly Non-Volatile RAM – Power Fail Data Protection, Complementing DRAM and NAND, Making NAND perform better and last longer, MRAM for write caching, DRAM for read caching, More IOPS and better IOPS/Watt than NAND. Processor-Storage Performance Gap Shorter storage latency improves system performance MRAM extends storage memory latency to ns-class. MRAM delivers the only nanosecond-class, gigabyte-per-second nonvolatile storage tier. Everspin Toggle MRAM Cumulative Shipments. Storage OEMs are tuning storage to application needs Capacity, Performance, Power, Uptime/Service and Reliability. OEMs need to balance storage capacity and performance. HDD leveraged as capacity optimized data storage. Lowest cost per GB/TB for data storage Challenges Random access, active power & power fail NAND SSD leveraged as performance optimized storage More IOPS, reduced latency & less overall power – Challenges: Write latency & variability, endurance, power fail ST-MRAM leveraged as non-volatile buffer/cache for storage DRAM like access, unlimited endurance & power fail – Challenges: New storage architecture, density & cost scaling.

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