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    STT - MRAM Technology And Demand Evolution

      Hamid Haidari
     Nov 13, 2015

    STT-MRAM A Powerful NVM Technology: DRAM-High Performance, Cell Size(4-6F2), Average Density, Power Consumption, Scability Beyond 2X; SRAM-High Performance, Embedded, Cell Size(~100F2), Power Consumption, Scability Beyond 2X; NOR FLASH-High Read Speed, Non-Volatile, Low Write Speed, Cell Size, Scability Beyond 3X, NAND FLASH-Low-Cost, Non-Volatile, High Density, Low Performance, Scability Beyond 1X. STT-MRAM Delivers Best Attributes of All Memory Types: High Performance--DRAM/SRAM, Low Cost; Non-Volatile; Increasing Density; Loe Power -- NAND; Replaces Embedded SRAM at 1/6th the Size; 0 leakage; Scable 1Xnm, Leverages Standard CMOS Processing. Avalanche Technology — at a Glance: Send to system, Vertically Integrated, Large Markets, Enterprise Storage, Mobile, Telecom & Computing (SAM $15B).

    Important Tags: STT-MRAM, Technology Evolution, Technology Demand, Technology Demand Evolution, NVM Technology, Avalanche Technology, Rapid Progress, Key Milestones, Market Strategy, Serviceable A
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