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    Teradyne breaks all-time record with highest test equipment rating ever

      Risto Puhakka
    Description: Teradyne, the largest supplier of automatic test equipment (ATE), breaks all-time record with the highest test equipment rating ever.
    Teradyne is RANKED 1st by its customers in VLSIresearch’s 2014 10 BEST Large Chip Making Equipment Suppliers and the 2014 THE BEST Test Equipment Suppliers. The results highlight Teradyne’s history of innovation in test technology, economical product solutions, and strong customer partnerships. Teradyne is among an elite group of companies named as a 10 BEST supplier since the survey’s inception 26 years ago.
    Teradyne is an extraordinarily focused engineering and product company.They just do test...cost effectively, resulting in exceptionally high customer satisfaction.Teradyne’s engineering talent is dedicated to provide the best test solutions and has a history of being a pioneer adopting new technologies.
    Teradyne continues to be the test leader, delivering economical & value-driven test solutions and building strong long-term partnerships to benefit customers.
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    breaks all-time record
    with highest test equipment rating ever

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    Teradyne Awarded RANKED 1st 10 BEST
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