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      David Lammers
    These instructions are intended to help users upload technical articles.
    Please read the Upload Agreement, in which you agree to respect the Intellectual Property of others, and click Accept.
    We recommend that technical articles be created in PDF format whenever possible. The PDF text (not including the margins) should be 5 inches wide, for easiest viewing on the screen.
    Please make sure the person who wrote the article is the person who uploads it. This is important because when articles are viewed, the person who signed in to WeSRCH and uploaded the paper will be listed as the author, both on the home page and in the list of articles.
    To post a technical article in PDF format
    Choose the category from the pull-down menu.
    Fill in the title.
    Browse and select the location of your PDF file.
    Browse and select an image that may appear on the home page if the article is viewed often. This “icon” could be a graphic which illustrates the article, either in JPEG or GIF format. It also could be the author’s photo.
    Or, if the author does not have an icon, please choose from among the icons available from WeSRCH.
    Preview, and then click upload.
    If the article needs further corrections, the person who uploaded the article has the option to delete it, and to upload a corrected version.
    For text papers created as Microsoft Word files, please make sure any Popup blockers are disabled.
    Choose a Category from the pull-down menu. Fill in the Title and Abstract boxes. If your document is created in Microsoft Word, first copy the article, using the Select All, Copy All commands within Word.
    Click the mouse once in the Matter section, where the body of the text will appear.
    Move your pointer to the Toolbar and click on the icon for Microsoft Word. Then paste in the Word document in the Cleanup Window.
    Go to the bottom and fill in references.
    Click Preview to check the article. Please look at the spacing between the paragraphs, so the article is easily readable.
    Graphics should be in JPG or GIF formats. Powerpoint slides are not accepted. Use the Browse and Attach commands to fill in one or more of the Image File boxes. The image will appear on the home page if the article is viewed often. Write a short caption for the photo or graphic.
    Then Preview the article and images, and Upload.
    Check to see that the “Congratulations” message appears.
    Then click on the View Papers icon and make sure the article appears correctly. If the article needs correction, the person who logged in and uploaded the article has the option to delete the article, make corrections, and start over again.
    Thank you for using WeSRCH.
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