IBM Reclaims America's Technology Leadership

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    May 7, 2021 — Strategy and Tactics: IBM reclaims America's technology leadership.WildPhotons: Advanced technology...
    G. Dan Hutcheson G. Dan Hutcheson
    IBM reclaims America's technology leadership: Finally, some good news in a year that's had crates full of negative news to unpack regarding the U.S. position in semiconductor technology. Yesterday, IBM pushed the leading edge of logic, set at 3nm in Taiwan, to 2nm. What they released was really clean GAA transistors, that give a density equivalent that's substantially better than a workload-corrected 3nm chip. Since IBM's transistors are destined for supercomputers and not smartphones, I give its 50B transistors in a 150mm-square die a density gain of 1.5X over a workload-corrected 3nm smartphone-workload chip. This is reasonably close to the 1.7-1.8X density gains typical of foundries making node jumps with existing transistors. Anyway, whether you agree or not on it being 2nm, you can't disagree that it's substantially more advanced than 3nm. Moreover, 3nm is still on the way to production...Compared to 5nm node chips (such as Apple's M1), IBM's workload-corrected density gain is 2.6X, which even beats IDMs...

    Nanometers/Shmanometers: Moving on from the never-ending nanometer debate, what's truly impressive is the nanosheet gates. First...

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    IBM reclaims America's technology leadership

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