America's search for leading-edge fabs

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    May 15, 2020 — Strategy and Tactics: America's search for leading-edge fabs. WildPhotons: A belated Mother's Day gift ...
    G. Dan Hutcheson
    America's search for leading-edge fabs: The recent battles between China and America have tended to not be framed by the semiconductor issue. Instead they have centered on trade and jobs, with the Coronavirus an emergent hot point. But the semiconductor issue, often hidden, has been not too far below the surface because it is an existential threat to national security. As control over oil was the strategic national security fulcrum of the 20th century, semiconductors are for the 21st century. Of course, everyone in our industry knows this, yet... Silicon Shield: For Taiwan, its semiconductor strategy was conceived around a much more visible threat: America's recognition of ... Intel's American Foundry Fab: The new story is... TSMC's American Foundry Fab: China has a TSMC fab, why not America? One oft-stated reason for it... Taiwan: America's 51st state? Now if you really want to think outside the box...

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