VLSIresearch reports exceptional growth in demand for vertical probe cards in China

    March 19, 2019: Sales of vertical probe cards to the Chinese market grew by 53% in 2018 to reach a market value of 29.5M USD. The 2019 outlook is for continued growth in excess of 40% which will drive the market up to 41.3M USD.

    Growth in China is in sharp contrast  to the global market for vertical probe cards which has been relatively flat since 2012. However, the worldwide market for vertical probe cards is still significantly large, at around 300M USD, and is showing signs of returning to moderate growth in the near future.

    The rapid development in sales of vertical probe cards to China is attributable to the increasing semiconductor manufacturing capacity in the region. Currently, most capacity investments are being made by foreign chipmakers, and, as a consequence, most of the vertical probe cards are being supplied by foreign companies. This situation will soon change as investments by Chinese chipmakers accelerate and overtake foreign companies, driving the search to find and develop Chinese suppliers of vertical probe cards. One of the emerging Chinese probe card suppliers, Shenzhen DGT, already has some experience in this area and is vigorously developing their vertical probe card technology.

    John West, Managing Director of VLSIresearch Europe commented: “There is a clear shift in where vertical probe cards are being consumed. Last year, sales of vertical probe cards to the Chinese market reached 29.5M USD, up ten times from the value five years ago. This shift will continue, and China will become a large consumer of vertical probe cards in the near future which means that Chinese probe card vendors will have a great opportunity to benefit from this change.” 

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