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    Order Activity Is Up and the Visibility Clear

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    Semiconductor Equipment Weather Report: December 6, 2021

    Andrea Lati
    Order activity is up and the visibility clear
    • There was no discernable change in the order activity for semiconductor equipment last week with temperatures hovering at a hot 112 degrees
    • These levels of activity point to a strong year ahead for equipment suppliers
    • The biggest hurdles for equipment suppliers are the supply chain issues, which are constraining part of their shipments
    • The supply chain constraints could impact timing of shipments for 4Q21 and 1Q22, resulting in slightly lower revenues in the near term
      • However, they won't have material impact for the entire 2022 as the missed shipments will be pushed to the subsequent quarters
    • On the semiconductor side, Logic and Analog sales remain strong
    • Memory market is going through some air pockets in Q4
      • The pullback in Memory is not surprising and is in line with our expectations following the weakness of the CPPI in Q3
    • The positive is the CPPI has been rebounding in the last four weeks, signaling improved fundamentals for Memory in the coming quarters
    • VLSI's Chip Price Performance continued to improve
      • DRAM increased
      • NAND flat
      • MPUs flat
    • Semiconductor Inventory are rising
    Order activity is up and the visibility clear

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