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    Everyone's Gulping Their Share of Orders

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    Semiconductor Equipment Weather Report: August 24, 2021

    Andrea Lati
    Everyone's gulping their share of orders
    • Order activity for semiconductor equipment continued to heat up, hitting another high for the year
    • Temperatures edged higher in all segments and are now well into the triple-digit range
    • 2021 has been a huge year for equipment suppliers
      • Everyone's now starting to wonder when the party will end
    • With the utilization high across the board and continuing shortages, chipmakers have to buy
    • Capacity buys are even happening in the older markets
    • Delivery and equipment availability remains a major issue for all the buyers
    • VLSI's Chip Price Performance extended its decline amid DRAM weakness
      • DRAM plunged
      • NAND declined
      • MPUs flat
    • Capacity utilization rates remain at record levels
    Everyone's gulping their share of orders

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