HI Density Trends - Photonics - Biden and Semis - Foundry vs IDM - Driving PEs.

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    December 11, 2020 — Strategy and Tactics: Heterogeneous Integration Density Trends. Silicon Photonics turns hot. 10 Things Biden can do to save Semiconductors. Foundry versus IDM. Maxim: Driving PEs. WildPhotons: Controversy elevates message ...
    G. Dan Hutcheson G. Dan Hutcheson
    Heterogeneous Integration Density Trends: The economic benefits noted a couple of weeks ago in the TCI appear to be driving a massive technology wave in HI. For decades before the 90s, the scale of chips that could be put into a package was small enough to be counted on the fingers of two hands. Small Scale HI had been enabled mostly by the wire bonding or flip-chip technologies developed before the 80s... Today, HI has passed on to Large Scale HI with packages containing die numbers into the 100s and Very Large-Scale HI with 1000s of die on the horizon.

    Why Silicon Photonics turned hot in 2020: It's more than performance. It's about power...

    10 Things Biden can do to save Semiconductors: Or how to Make American Semiconductor Manufacturing Great Again. No one in the industry wants this to be a free money free-for-all, with companies scrambling to get a piece of the action. They don't need the cash. What they do need is a better business environment to put them back on a level playing field. So here are some guidelines that, in my discussions with executives, would level the playing field... some with little costs ... First and foremost: Don't build a fab. Instead, make the ground more fertile...

    Comments, Questions & Answers: Foundry versus IDM, which has the advantage?

    Maxim: Narratives — not earnings — Drive PEs — It is a strategic error to focus too closely on the more predictable control of quarterly earnings results, while providing a stale narrative for where future earnings growth will come from. Earnings are just the denominator. Price is driven by investor expectations which, are incredibly fickle: Sunny one day and stormy the next. Invariably, it's the ability of the CEO to convincingly express a powerful narrative.

    HI Density Trends - Photonics - Biden and Semis - Foundry vs IDM - Driving PEs.

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