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    Intel Strategy IDM 2.0 Fake News

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    August 27, 2021— Strategy and Tactics: Intel's Evolving Strategy. IDM 2.0: Is it real? Fake News in semis. WildPhotons: Never underestimate the power you have...
    G. Dan Hutcheson G. Dan Hutcheson
    Intel's Evolving Strategy ...Its use of the Maxim that if you're with the customer or media, they can't be with your competitor...But being in with the customer has little meaning unless you have something interesting to sell. One of the most interesting concepts coming out of Intel is that Moore's Law is less about dimensions leading to lower cost and more about innovation leading to greater value...The time stamp for when competing over who was smallest was ending traces back to when the battery inserted itself between the system and the plug in the wall...the world really shifted gears with the introduction of Apple's first iPhone, because...But that really doesn't explain Pat's doubling down on foundry with something he calls, 'IDM 2.0...'

    IDM 2.0: Is it real or just real spin? Most people I talk to believe it's the latter. But often CEOs are on to something when they do this, while the lack of belief indicates an evolving blue-ocean strategy. Morris Chang's promise on founding TSMC that it would never compete with customers mostly met with disbelief outside of customers with few other choices than TSMC at the time. Start-ups like Nvidia and Qualcomm that wouldn't be here today had the strategy not held. Another was Ajit Manocha's 'Foundry 2.0,' which heralded a new era where the arm's-length relationship between foundry and fabless needed to end. It led to the DCTO-centric relationships so common today in the foundry-fabless world...IDM 2.0 relies on the fact that purchase orders are monkey traps...

    Fake News and Data has infected semiconductors: Maybe I'm being overly cautious, but my dad's 3-jerk rule has been broken. So, I believe it's important to alert you there's been a rise in fake information recently that appears to break the barrier between marketing spin and falsehood at a level that could distort your decision making.

    What's Happening and What's the Meaning: GF says the world needs to double capacity in the next 10 years: This is not as crazy as some colleagues may think...

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    Intel Strategy IDM 2.0 Fake News

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