Intel's evolving manufacturing strategy

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    January 22, 2021 —

    Strategy and Tactics: Intel's evolving manufacturing strategy WildPhotons: Don't find fault, find a remedy ...

    G. Dan Hutcheson G. Dan Hutcheson
    Intel's evolving manufacturing strategy: The market's response to Intel's conference call yesterday was very indicative of the challenge it faces... here's my interpretation of what was said from a perspective of what's important to suppliers, not investors: Intel will continue to be an IDM with a foundry-lite position in line with the current strategic requirements the evolving Heterogeneous Integration (HI) market requirements...

    Intel and Pat Gelsinger: Why Pat Gelsinger took the CEO Job at Intel now when he rejected it in 2018... The answer is fundamentally strategic. When Brian Krzanich left abruptly in 2018, taking Intel's CEO job was a lose-lose proposition. Taking it would have been tactical... The pressure was especially intense, since Intel had slipped a node for the first time this century in 2015. In 2018, Pat's failure-mode risk was he could have been seen as just another insider masquerading as an outsider. If he succeeded, he would be seen as just another plug-in CEO in what was a great company similar to Valentino Rossi's early MotoGP World Championship on Honda (was Rossi great or was it just the bike; i.e., was it the new CEO or just Intel). Even if you won, you lost...

    Maxims Reloaded: Power projection must be a fundamental part of your company's strategy Maxim Applied: Manufacturing Strategies: A look at AMD's conundrum and the tactical alternatives.

    Intel's evolving manufacturing strategy

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