Intel's Strategic Shift, Etch, and The Value of Lithography

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    August 7, 2020 — Strategy and Tactics: Intel's Strategic Shift, Etch, and Value of the Lithography. WildPhotons: Listening is Loving ...
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    Intel's Strategic Shift: The recent tactical outsourcing and management changes at Intel left many investors and reporters wondering if there had been a strategic shift at Intel and what exactly it was, as the company did not delineate one. They have since asked questions along the lines of ... Has Intel lost its way, and has no strategy? Is Intel just reacting to ramp delays and little has changed? Has Intel taken up a strategy to become fabless, by going down the fablite? Is it following AMD to eventually spin-off TMG to become a stand-alone foundry? How can they compete against AMD, who is more than a decade ahead in executing this strategy? How can they compete against AMD with a fabless strategy, when Intel's differentiation and profits have come from its vertical integration with superior manufacturing against the widely perceived superior design abilities of AMD? Is Intel just feigning weakness as a money magnet for the U.S. government's newly opened wallet? Now all these are obvious and could be the case. They are also a classic negative external response to questions left open when a clear strategy is not articulated. In reality, no organization takes a path that has a clear negative result. There's always an expectation of a positive result. So, here's my positive take on what Intel's strategy is likely to be based ...

    Applied Materials has a new etcher

    Value of Lithography: The average end-market revenue value of leading-edge ICs that pass through a single 193i system or EUV tool generates-per-hour and what's the rate of loss if it is down and wafers can't pass through it.

    Intel's Strategic Shift, Etch, and the Value of Lithography

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    "A good plan, violently executed now is better than a perfect plan tomorrow"
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