M&A Mania: what's driving it and the changing business model

    VLSIresearchís Strategy and Tactics Chip Insiderô assessed the recent explosion of Mergers and Acquisitions in the semiconductor industry. In particular if focused on M&A in the fabless world, showing whyitís no surprise, as it follows typical mass-consolidation timing. It included VLSIís Pac Man Consolidation charts for Chips, Equipment, and Fabless semiconductor companies. It overlaid whatís happening against general M&A Drivers, contrasting the Cost/Benefit of M&A versus Innovation.


    The fabless mergerís strategic message: Activity in so short a time means itís about more than liquidity. The Key Factors analyzed included SoC, Mooreís Law, Design IP. Thereís also been a significant shift back to market horizontals, giving projections that Fabless M&A wonít be over soon. The impact will ripple into the Foundry versus IDM business model as well.


    Finally, it also looked into the merger of Lam Research and KLA-Tencor.



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