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    Moore's Law Originalism Versus Pragmatism

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    July 23, 2021— Strategy and Tactics: Moore's Law Originalism versus Pragmatism WildPhotons: The sun's rays do not burn until...
    Moore's Law Originalism versus Pragmatism G. Dan Hutcheson
    Moore's Law Originalism versus Pragmatism: Transistors, DRAMs, Speed, Nodes, and otherwise. It's interesting to see the parallels between Constitutional Law and Moore's Law debates about Originalism versus Pragmatism. The Originalists try to restrict the interpretation to very narrow views of dimensional scaling transistors over time from Moore's 1965 and 1975 papers. By this measure, Moore's Law was either dead at the end of Dennard scaling or frozen with 193i lithography until EUV came to the rescue. But the Originalist interpretation is in error... The Originalist interpretation is a problem because it tries to squeeze 1965 technology from the mid-20th century into a fixed lens of dimensional technology going forward into the 21st century... The Pragmatist interpretation of Moore's Law still draws on the original papers, but differs in that it draws not on dimensional rigidity, but on the purity of customer benefit. Gary Dickerson's PPACt puts it best...

    GlobalFoundries Summit: This is the best word I can find to describe GF's event on Monday. GF can bring together technologists and political heavy-weights for open and frank discussions like no other semiconductor organization in the world.

    Dan's China Strategy Book Shelf: The World Turned Upside Down: America, China, and the Struggle for Global Leadership by Clyde Prestowitz...

    Chip History: Maxims Tech businesses need Product Prophets, not Product Managers. Branding word choice will make or break a product. Advertise your company's most important brand: its name. It is a strategic principle that you must align your external and internal communications. The 3 business integration models: Horizontal, Vertical, and Matrix.

    Moore's Law Originalism versus Pragmatism

    ChipChirpsTM — VLSI's Semiconductor Analytics report: Focusing on Auto ICs, the last week of June hit a record at levels 20% above past peaks. semi Stock moves: Mon's drop came as COVID overtook irrational exuberance SPACulation, as seen by the vaccinated pandemic plays rose into the morning's drop, incl: AMD, INTC, AMAT, & ASML.

    VLSIinsiders: New: Inflation in the semiconductor supply chain
     COVID hits innovation and Semiconductor Semi Shortage, China fab holdup, Etch Market  Moore's Law: Dead or Alive

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