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    Order Activity Is Straight and Level

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    Semiconductor Equipment Weather Report: October 26, 2021

    Andrea Lati
    Order activity is straight and level
    • Order activity for semiconductor equipment eked out a slight gain last week
    • SOC Mobile and SOC Computing jumped by a point while the other segments finished the week flat
    • With lead times for semiconductor equipment stretching well into 2022, equipment manufacturers are feeling increasingly optimistic about next year
    • In addition, there is a sizable amount of unmet demand in 2021 due to the supply chain constraints
      • This demand will roll over to next year and become an additional tailwind for equipment suppliers
    • In the near term, both chipmakers and equipment suppliers are grappling with supply chain constraints and rising costs as they try to expand capacity to meet demand
    • VLSI's Chip Price Performance extended its decline
      • DRAM tumbled
      • NAND declined
      • MPUs declined
    • Semiconductor Inventories are trending higher
    Order activity is straight and level

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