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    Process Control and Optimization

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    October 22, 2021 — Strategy and Tactics: Process Control and Optimization. WildPhotons: The purpose of life is a life of purpose...
    G. Dan Hutcheson G. Dan Hutcheson
    Applied Materials' Master Class on Process Control and Optimization: This was the latest of Applied's series intended to update investors on the nitty-gritty details of modern semiconductor technology, while showing why Applied is leading. Process control and optimization is certainly an area often misunderstood, even though it accounted for over $7.6B in 2020, or about 12% of the WFE market. The classical way to think of WFE is in the value it brings. But process control tools don't add value, they assure value...Applied Materials' believes we are at the precipice of a new technology inflection point with regard to overlay inspection and I think they may have this right. Overlay inspection hasn't changed much in decades. Huge overlay targets are still put in the streets between the die...It's amazing they work at all when the best lithography tools can achieve overlay specs inside a few hundred picometers - a scale difference of more than 10,000X...We got comfortable with this because lithography stalled for over a decade. EUV has now broken a log jam and, as a result, new problems are showing up. So, it's back to the future as lithography moves into EUV-era...Enter Applied Material's new ProVision 3ETM...

    The Chip History Center: Maxims reloaded — Tech Business Structure Operations, account management, corporate marketing, and product marketing & development are worthless without...  There should be two distinct groups for marketing in a Tech company...  Product marketing and development should be close enough to account management and corporate marketing to...  Marketing should establish the customer's problem before product development starts and engineering should develop...

    ChipChirpsTM — VLSI's Semiconductor Analytics report: Semiconductor sales turned up in a normal seasonal run to the end of the quarter. Semiconductor Sales growth continued to be high for DRAM...semiStocks: Thursday: Thursday was another good day for semiconductor stocks, which finished 0.2% ahead of the S&P. Advantest took ATE to the top with a 7% gain and strong showing by...semiStocks mid-week: Mon kicked off with SKYT's 12% gain taking foundries to the top. Assembly was led to 2nd place by KLIC, with TER taking Test to 3rd. IDMs were pulled down by memory. Every group grew Tues as KLIC & ASM-PT took Assy Eq to the top...
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    Process Control and Optimization

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