SEMI Equipment Outlook Update

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    December 2, 2020
    Semiconductor Equipment Outlook
    Against our expectation for seasonality in 4Q20, equipment sales have not shown any signs of slowing. Foundries, IDMs, and China continue to invest in capacity to manufacture future devices in advanced nodes. Wafer Fab equipment is expected to grow 17% in 2020, Test is expected to grow 14%, and Assembly Equipment 16%. 2021 is cautiously optimistic with 6% overall equipment growth.

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    SEMI Equipment Outlook Update

    Semi Manufacturing in the Wake of COVID-19

    Even electronics sales has recovered better than expected
    • Semiconductor manufacturing is accelerating through 2020 and 4q2020 sales is exceeding our previous projections
    • WGDP and Electronics supply chain has decoupled.
      • Even electronics sales has recovered better than expected
    • Semiconductor demand continues to improve compared to our previous forecasts
      • Memory is clearly in recovery mode from 2019 and early 2020 mode
      • Foundry is having and exceptional year
    • Memory is joining The Foundries and IDMs in increasing their capacity investment continue to invest in capacity to prepare for:
      • Accelerating demand for Cloud and Datacenters.
      • Substantial 5G ramp
      • Demand spike in PCs and associated peripherals from working-at-home-economy.
    • The incoming data is very clear that 2020 is exceeding our previous forecasts
      • Business appears to be solid through 1H2020.
      • Businessesare adjusting

    SEMI Equipment Outlook Update
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