The Ducks Are Lining Up for the New Year

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    Semiconductor Equipment Weather Report: January 5, 2021

    Andrea Lati
    The ducks are lining up for the New Year
    • Order activity for semiconductor equipment jumped a point to a warm 81 degrees after cooling off slightly over the holiday
    • SOC Mobile and Memory led the pack while the other segments finished nearly flat from the previous week
    • Despite the ongoing uncertainties-with the biggest ones being COVID-19 and the China tech war-chipmakers and equipment suppliers feel optimistic about the year ahead
    • This optimism is supported by several important drivers
      • continued recovery in W.W. GDP growth in 2021 which started in 2H20
      • robust cloud/hyperscale spending to support the post-COVID-19 new normal
      • 5G proliferation
    • These drivers should keep the recovery for ICs and Equipment on track in 2021 delivering solid growth for both segments
    • VLSI's Chip Price Performance Index extended its gains
      • DRAM rose
      • NAND flat
      • MPUs flat
    • Inventories remain elevated, but improving
    The ducks are lining up for the New Year

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