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    Still Climbing Up

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    Semiconductor Equipment Weather Report: September 13, 2021

    Andrea Lati
    Still Climbing Up
    • Order activity for semiconductor equipment jumped by another point, hitting triple digits for the first time this year
    • The increase was driven by Memory, which jumped nearly two points
    • Equipment suppliers and chipmakers continue to grapple with supply chain constraints and increased pricing pressures
    • Chipmakers are raising their prices to account for some of the increasing costs
      • Higher prices should help discourage customers from double or triple ordering, which is an ongoing concern for chipmakers
    • The August data from the Taiwanese manufacturers continued to show a robust market environment
      • The yearly growth in some segments is rolling over as the yearly comps become more difficult
    • VLSI's Chip Price Performance declined at a slower rate
      • DRAM declined
      • NAND rose
      • MPUs fell
    • Utilization rates remain at record levels
    Still climbing up

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