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    Copper Replacement. IFS. Shortages Hold Up Fab Capacity Expansion. Semiconductor Inflation.

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    November 12, 2021 — Strategy and Tactics: Copper replacement. IFS. Shortages holding up fab capacity expansion. Semiconductor Inflation. WildPhotons: The bliss of a moment...
    G. Dan Hutcheson G. Dan Hutcheson
    Copper's replacement: The 1990s were a time of revolutionary shifts for the semiconductor industry. The biggest was the displacement of R&D focus on the transistor and onto the interconnect that wired them together. This is when the distinction of FEOL versus BEOL emerged (see BEOL Origins for more). The initial problem was transistor density was too high to wire them together with a single layer of metal. The bigger one was that as metal-pitch shrunk, resistance rose to untenable levels. Aluminum interconnect - the metal that made the first Integrated Circuits possible - had lasted 30 years. Then came copper. 30 years later, the search for copper's replacement was on. Engineers always break through Moore's Walls with semiconductor innovation, which is really what Moore's Law is all about. And now a breakthrough out of quantum mechanics development is driving a replacement for copper that is as revolutionary as copper was to aluminum...

    What insiders are talking about: IFS already has more than __ foundry customers.
    HI customers frustrated with foundry LAP die policies.
    Battery energy density growth accelerating.
    Chip and shipping shortages holding up fab capacity expansion.
    Inflation has hit the semiconductor industry.
    Time for an end to the Shortage being pushed out.

    Copper replacement. IFS. Shortages hold up fab capacity expansion. Semiconductor Inflation.

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